Vision AI is Incredible, Yet Painful


OStream Percept

In 2 Mins.


Integrate Any Camera with Any AI Service

Percept Integrates Any of Your Cameras With Leading AI Service Providers That Compete For You.

The Result is a Private, Data Lake For Vision AI. Search and Send Data Sets to Other Analytic and Workflow Systems.

Don’t Be Captive to Just One Video Solution. Own Your Own Data Infrastructure and Play With Whomever Is Getting the Job Done.

Keep the Cameras You Have. Add Wirefree Cameras That Don’t Need Wall Power or WiFi.

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Use Cases


The same marketing online analytics but for your retail environment.


Automatically document PPE compliance to reduce liabilities


Monitor and document accidents

Public Safety

Keeping our lands safe with proactive monitoring of fire risks.

About OStream

OStream provides object data infrastructure that makes AI for rich media easy to deploy, integrate and operate affordably. Our founders are 20 year veterans in IoT, Video and AI. The company is primarily located in Los Angeles and is privately funded.

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