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GenRunner Explained

GPT is Only the Start. GenAI Will Be Part of Most IoT Services…

Generative AI is hyper-new, hyper-complex, requires a lot of horsepower and is guaranteed to change weekly for the next 2 years. Running GenAI on the edge makes sense because interacting with gadgets requires low-latency and people will prefer private/local handling of data. GenRunner is the first solution that a) has the GenAI horsepower b) has the APIs that let non-experts unlock those superpowers and c) at a low price point.

Sifting through the generative AI models, frameworks and versions will continue to be a nightmare for years to come. GenRunner-Gapi is an open API gateway to simplify and abstract the complexity of running GenAI. Gapi exposes standard web style APIs so non-experts can leverage these superpowers and not have to worry about the complexities, plumbing and auto-updates that can make systems fragile. Gapi is also the fastest way to prototype and try the best that NVIDIA and the ecosystem in general has to offer.

Use Cases


The same marketing online analytics but for your retail environment.


Automatically document PPE compliance to reduce liabilities


Monitor and document accidents

Public Safety

Keeping our lands safe with proactive monitoring of fire risks.

About OStream

OStream provides object data infrastructure that makes AI for rich media easy to deploy, integrate and operate affordably. Our founders are 20 year veterans in IoT, Video and AI. The company is primarily located in Los Angeles and is privately funded.

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